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Saints by Suzanne in Auburn, CA offers portraits painted by an exceptional artist who is also the author of a celebrated book. Suzanne’s portrait paintings include artistic themes based on reverent saints, attractive landscapes as well as individual personalities. Her paintings will touch your heart with beauty and artistic finesse.

Suzanne Reynolds/Artist/Author of “Born with a Veil”

Suzanne Reynolds is the author of “Born with a Veil”, which was published 3 years ago. It is a miraculous story of the author’s life and reveals how she was healed of multiple sclerosis, an incurable disease. The book showcases how Divine Grace and an individual’s indomitable willpower come together to create the most magical works of art.

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Suzanne’s Distinguished Clients Include:

  • Eric Munro of Living Wisdom Church, Palo Alto, CA
  • Fr. Caesar, Pastor of St. Joseph’s Church, Auburn, CA

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“I read your story and was very impressed. It is a miraculous story and it is true!” Marie G.

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